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Q: How do I craft stuff for free?

A: Just go to any blacksmith forge, smelter, tanning rack or cooking pot. You do not need to start a new game for this mod to work.

Q: Does this work with mod weapons and armour?

A: Technically yes. I cannot change the items required by the mod items but ingots and leather are free to craft.

Q: How can I upgrade items to legendary?

A: Check out my Perkless Crafting mod. It removes the need for perks to craft and temper stuff.

Q: Isn't this very OP?

A: This is designed to be OP. That's why it's in the cheats section.

Q: I cannot craft anything for free. The mod isn't working!

A: If you cannot craft anything for free the most common problem is with mod conflicts. Make sure this mod is at the bottom of the list. NOTE: This mod only works with vanilla items (non mod or DLC). For DLC versions see the official FreeCraft collection.

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Perkless Mods


Q: Can I make a request?

A: Yes. Please post suggestions for my perkless mods series in the comments of my perkless mods collection. Make sure your suggestion is not already on my todo list in the description of this collection.

Q: Why do these mods not level up my character?

A: Some people would prefer not to level up their characters so to save me creating two versions of each of these mod (one which levels you up, and one which doesn't) I have just made one which does not. If you wish to level up your character you can type 'player.advlevel' in the console.

Q: Why has my character suddenly leveled up?

A: That is often caused by a glitch in the game when you try to do something only a high leveled player would try to do (e.g. craft daedric armour). A temporary fix is to type 'player.setlevel x' (where x is the level you want to become) in the console.

Q: Help, the XP bar of the skill turns green after reading the book. What can I do to fix it?

A: This is caused by a glitch in the game when it overcalculates exactly how much EXP it needs to add to to the skill. There is a simple temporary fix: Type 'player.forceav [SKILL NAME WITHOUT SPACES] 100' in the console then re-read the book.

Q: I have a mod which changes Riverwood. How can I get the books?

A: You'll have to add them to your character manually. The ID of the books is different for each mod installation due to the different load orders so type 'help "the book of"' (make sure to include the quotes around 'the book of') in the console to get the item ID. Then, type 'player.additem [ID] 1' to add the book to your inventory.

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General FAQ

This section concerns all of my mods.

Q: It's not working. What can I do?

A: There are several possibilities to this. The most common reason is the mod not being downloaded properly. To fix this wait for the launcher to say 'Finished Synchronising Subscribed Mods' before you press play.

Q: My question is not in the FAQ. Where can I ask it?

A: For questions concerning my FreeCraft mod please post here. For questions about my Perkless series in general post here and for questions about a specific Perkless mod please post in the comments section of that mod page.


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