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Dvorak - UK Punctuation

After trying many includud dvorak layouts, I've found that the UK variants included with most operating systems do not match the punctuation of UK-QWERTY closely enough for me. These are the layouts I use on my systems.



Windows -

This archive contains the binary installers and source.


Unix -

Unix -

AUR - dvorak-ukp

Or download via curl with:

$ ​curl > \
# loadkeys

Or, if you're using a dvorak marked keyboard with a qwerty layout, type:

$ jgpn dyyloSzzo.pkjv.gzlzoonuzt.fmalozekrpat-gtlvmal V \ 
# ekrpat-gtlvmal

Windows layout

The Windows layout is based off a design from, but with added accented keys and their capital equivalents when Alt-Gr is pressed.

Unix layout

The unix console keymap matches the Xorg GB,dvorakukp variant.